Data Recovery Software for Windows [Free]

So you’ve lost your data, have you? Well, why else would you be here in the first place – if not to find an end to your frustrations, and to find a means to recover your precious lost data. Did you accidentally delete it? Fear not! We have your solution on hand. Your rescue: Data Recovery Software! On the down side, this means no more excuses though – you can’t come in to work or go to class and just say my dog deleted the homework, you’re going to have to get more creative with those excuses thanks to Data Recovery Software. But at least you’re not going to rue leaving your computer with your kids anymore.

What IS Data Recovery Software?

Okay, you can’t really blame everything on your dog anymore. But, what is this evil that prevents you from doing so. What is Data Recovery Software, and, moreover, what does it do precisely? Well, first for the self-evident: it recovers your lost data, and saves you from trouble, and agony. But what goes on under the hood, how do you get your data back, and how does the Recovery Software alleviate your data loss problem. You can checkout the list of data recovery softwares by wikipedia.

How Is Data Lost?

Data, if you know, is never actually deleted. It is always overwritten. So when you ‘irrecoverably’ delete your data, your operating system, usually some iteration of Windows, marks that file as deleted data on your hard drive. Once such a flag is set, the data becomes ‘invisible’ to the end user and can be over written. Its physical location is no longer reserved on your storage medium.

What Does Data Recovery Software Do?

What Data Recovery Software does is identify these flags. Once these are identified according to the user’s defined parameters, the user can narrow down to their desired data. After this, the ‘overwrite flag’ is removed from the data and the Recovery Software attempts to piece all of the lost data together using particular algorithms, usually exclusive to each software, to rebuild the deleted file or data.  If you’ve been lucky the file hasn’t been over written more than a few times and bits and pieces of it can be put back together by your Recovery Tool from different locations in your hard drive, or drives if you’re trying to perform Data Recovery from RAID, to reconstruct your lost or deleted files.

Do You REQUIRE File Recovery Software?

data recovery softwares
Now you know everything that there is to know about recovering deleted files. And if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having lost mission critical data, you will already be eager to get started in your efforts to get it back. But, there is a critical juncture just before such a stage that you need to negotiate first, both for single disk and for RAID Data Recovery.
You need to know before you commit yourself to the time investment involved in recovering data whether or not such lost data is recoverable. Lost, or deleted, data cannot be recovered conventionally, using Data Recovery Program, in several cases, some of which have been identified below:
• In case of a physical failure of the storage media, like a failed hard drive.
• In case of a data corruption caused by a hardware or software malfunction.
• In case of a data infection caused by viruses with no prior existing backups of the same data.
• In case of the location of the lost data having been overwritten physically several times.

What To Do Before Using Recovery Software:

There are several preparatory and precautionary measures that you are advised to take to ensure maximum possibility of data recovery. The success of a Windows Recovery Software in recovering deleted data depends as much on you as it does on the software itself.
If you know the location from which the data has been deleted, you need to cordon off that particular data partition – and not write any data to it. This includes installing software as well. Another recommendation is to delete additional data from elsewhere to free space to be on the safe side – in case of data being written to the hard drive. Ideally, you should use your computer as little as possible in the lead up to using a File Recovery Software. These same recommendations apply to RAID Data Recovery too.

Your Data Recovery Software Options:

There is a wide variety of well-known Professional Data Recovery Software available on the market that users can peruse. While many of these are acclaimed and highly reviewed, File Recovery Software is found to be in basically two categories: Paid and Free.

The Paid Way To Data Recovery:

There are many options in this category, some of the most popular being R-Studio,, Recover My Files, and Data Rescue PC. All of these options handle Data Recovery From RAID as well. However, they all set users back by at least a good fifty dollars.

Your Free Recovery Software:

Equally capable, and free, this option lends itself very well to occasional data recovery problems. These include options like Recuva, Restoration, PhotoRec, TestDisk, and Undelete Plus. Of these, Recuva has the most user friendly GUI, and should be the go to option for novice users recovering deleted data. You can free download Recuva Data Recovery Software from here.
Follow this brief tutorial to know how to recover deleted files

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